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Think about your favourite part of an eco-friendly hotel stay. Is it the sustainably sourced in-room dining? The plush recycled linens hugging your body? Or the luxury vegan friendly bathroom amenities promising relaxation with every lather?


For VANITY GROUP, it’s the latter and now we have the credentials to prove it! VANITY GROUP is excited to announce that our selection of luxury amenity collections are now certified by The Vegan Society.

One of the most trusted vegan logos globally, here’s why The Vegan Society ranks highest in consumer confidence:

- The Vegan Society was formed in 1944

- It is the oldest and original vegan organisation

- Established the official international Vegan Trademark in 1990 to improve product labelling

- The most recognised vegan trademark globally (So of course, we wanted to be recognised with the best).

Speaking of best, we’re on a mission to deliver the best-in-class hotel amenities all around the world. We’re proud to represent the most coveted brands and deliver cutting edge solutions to our hotel partners. We boast serious sustainable kudos spanning:

- Incorporating Post-Consumer Recycled and repurposed OceanBound material into our packaging

- Creating accessories made from Sugarcane, Kraft Paper and Cornstarch

- 100% plastic free tubes made from recyclable aluminium and compostable caps

- Printing with Water-Based Ink, which contains no toxic chemicals

- Recognised as part of PETA's Global Beauty Without Bunnies program. And now, having collections that are certified with The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark.

As an authority on beauty, and now (with the help of The Vegan Society), an authority on vegan product labelling, you’ll start to see the iconic Vegan Trademark’s Sunflower logo blossoming across our channels and designer products. 

Being kind to the planet and its people is part of the VANITY GROUP DNA. To learn more about our commitment to sustainability, get in touch, here.