VANITY GROUP Becomes First PETA Approved Amenity Provider

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VANITY GROUP, one of the world’s leading luxury hotel amenity providers has become the first bathroom amenities supplier globally to be PETA certified and recognised as part of PETA's Global Beauty Without Bunnies program.


Since 1987, PETA has been the gold standard for supporters, suppliers and consumers looking to do business and shop with compassion. As part of the program, VANITY GROUP and its suppliers have been recognised as a business that does not conduct, commission, pay for, or allow any tests on animals for its ingredients, formulations, or finished products anywhere in the world and commits to never doing so in the future.

With responsible travel at the forefront of consumer travelling habits, VANITY GROUP’s alignment with PETA solidifies the brand as a pioneer in creating ethical travel experiences.

VANITY GROUP Founder & CEO Paul Tsalikis said: “Since inception our mission has been to do good things for the planet, its people, and our furry friends! We’re over the moon to have this recognised by PETA who are without a doubt the world’s most reputable anti-animal cruelty organisation.”

Soon, all VANITY GROUP products will feature the iconic PETA “Animal Test-Free” logo on back of packs along with its cruelty free formulations.

Priding itself on creating eco-friendly, ethical hotel bathroom solutions, VANITY GROUP works hard to limit its impact on the environment. This ranges from large format refillable bottles, innovative packaging options like Post-Consumer Recycled material, repurposed OceanBound material, aluminium tubes, sugarcane, corn-derived plastics, and biodegradable additives to help guests find comfort in the fact they are experiencing a sustainable stay. Proudly certified by Carbon Reduction Institute, VANITY GROUP is also part of the LowCO2 Program and Low Carbon Economy.